Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stylized Still Life's

The nest is taking form here in my home studio, at least I have uncovered the paint tubes so I can paint with fresh color. I'm standing at the drafting table, with reflected light off snow easing it's way in through the north facing windows. I painted these little still life's, but have been dismayed by the deeply intense colors on the mandarin and the greens. I chose not to paint the red studio wall which was behind my little still life, and today I realized that's why I'd visually adjusted those colors. We continue to learn when we aren't even near the brushes. Anyway I stylized the images in Photoshop because I liked a friend's effortless, computer Painted images: "Olive and Mandarin, after Rastovich"

Some sort of green "olive-ish" form, stylized with "paint daubs" setting in Photoshop

Screaming orange mandarin "Look at Me!" stylized with "paint daubs" setting in Photoshop
Images ©Laura Gable 2012

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