Sunday, October 28, 2012

88 Heavenly Choir

A quick study for a rainy chilly day. Wanting to complete this 100 day challenge -- the end is in sight and I'm getting a bit antsy. There is an inner calling to create, when the day winds down and I realize I've not yet made anything. Sort of like the impulse to brush your teeth before bedtime (good hygiene and good habits!)

This was created using the paint sticks. I found a creamier section in the stick which made it a bit easier to use. Also a bit of oil paint added later, to create some dimension. The brighter and softer sections gave this a sacred feeling. I see a choir there creating beautiful music. What do you think?

88 "Heavenly Choir" 6x9 oil painting on box, copyright Laura Gable
I'm so excited, my studio shelves were hung yesterday. If you need a carpenter or tile artisan, I'd highly recommend Todd Ralston ( He came up with a great creative solution and implemented it quickly and effortlessly, using tools I'd not seen before. Shelves were hung using a laser level, attached to a rod suspended between the ceiling and floor. The laser line is based on the earth, so regardless of whether floor or ceiling are level, the shelves are. Pretty slick.

At the end of the day, I took a moment to arrange the almost 90 pieces. And there is room for a few more. Here's a quick shot.

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