Sunday, November 4, 2012

95 Strata II

A pleasing layer of colors produced another Strata series painting. It is more peaceful than the last one, representing the inner glow that comes when we recognize that the heart is the center and guiding force of our lives. (the bottom "heart" area is actually an interplay of orange and red, though not represented too well in this photograph).
95 "Strata II" 5x7 oil on board, ©Laura Gable
In my efforts towards consistency, I find that I still vacillate from realism to expressionism in my paintings. Perhaps you've noticed that? I'm sure it has to do with my level of focus and energy levels, or what moves me on that particular day. Do my other readers and frequent painter friends experience the same thing? Perhaps the next challenge I take on will be more theme based. Like a daily portrait, or daily musings on still life, abstract, or landscapes. A popular art book from a few years ago, "Reflections on a Pond," showcased a profound series by master painter Kevin Macpherson. Over the course of 5 years, he produced a vast portfolio of 368 paintings of the pond near his home. He explained its significance in this manner, which I find so relatable of my own personal challenge:

"While the series is about seeing as an artist, it takes its substance from feelings. Interwoven with the artist's eye is his heart. Emotions emerge in the paintings and echoes in his commentary. In reality, it is also a portrait about the artist--his role in life and as a member of the human race. You know this not only by looking at the paintings, but also by reading his journal notes."

What do you think?

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