Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Solitary Pear"

When my friend was closing her art studio, she gave away a lot of her still-life props-- and a lot of imitation fruit. I also bought a plethora of canvases and boards from her. This little pear has the sweetest shape, a bit big in the bottom. Perhaps it's a shape I relate to ;-) as I see it often in my mirror at home looking back at me. This is also painted on the black gessoed surface. I love the effortless quality that other artists' utilize, when the paint doesn't go all the way to the edge and some of the background peeks through. The pieces seem to have more confidence. Hopefully this little solitary pear has a confident, jaunty quality about her.

"Solitary Pear" 5x5 oil on art panel, ©Laura Gable

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