Sunday, June 2, 2013

Double Clusters

"Double Clusters" 8x10 oil on board, ©Laura Gable
This colorful piece, was painted on an Ampersand aquaboard that has been primed with yellow ochre gesso. Why use the aquaboard, you ask? I have an abundance of them and seem to paint more in oils lately so I wanted to see how the texture and absorbency would work with oils. The gesso allows the paint to sit on top a bit more than if it wasn't primed. The oils from the paint do soak into the substrate a bit more than the gessoboard surface, but some of the paint's gloss is still retained. I brought the shine back up with Retouching varnish to give it an even luster.

I was enjoying this close view of one of our local vineyards when the leaves were just starting to turn to crimson and burnt orange last Fall. So harvest time was nearing and the grapes were reaching their most juicy and succulent levels. I'm sure there was a bountiful harvest and a lovely vintage is now aging in the oak barrels housed in this winery's cool cellars, built back into the earth.


On another note, I went to a artist talk at the local gallery. The painter from Portland gave a very nice discussion about the emotional aspect behind some of his current paintings. This painter has a strong point of view, and clearly wants his paintings to emote a certain narrative about underlying themes, concepts, and discoveries. The viewer could easily discern these themes with just a bit of study of his art, with the titles giving a window to the concept. He had visited his family's homestead in the Midwest and so the pieces had a dominant feeling of Americana, with a wistfulness of discovery about his rich familial heritage.

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  1. Wow!!! This is gorgeous, Laura. I so admire your work. :o)


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