Tuesday, June 11, 2013

There Was a Crooked Man (sold)

"There Was a Crooked Man" 6x6 oil on canvas, ©Laura Gable
This painting, with it's fresh color and lively brush strokes, has had quite a evolution bringing it to a point where it is likely overworked (perhaps happily, she squeaks). What started out as an abstract... eventually became a landscape with young trees and a light pole... that then eventually became a landscape with a little crooked man. It is fraught with issues, but still there is something about it that I find a bit interesting. Like there is an inordinate amount of unexplored dialog here.

Perhaps I'd do better studying from life, rather than focusing on these made-up landscapes. But somehow when I'm not limited by what nature supplies, this allows me more free reign of my imagination. And somehow when I am looking at the real thing, I fail to be imaginative. A conundrum to be assured.

Anyway, there is a storyline in here none-the-less. A little man looks down the distant road, while waiting for the bus to come barreling past, he wants to go visit his sweetie in the next borough ... or it's a teenager waiting for his friends to ride by on their bicycles so they can catch a ride and head off up town to grab a movie at the cinema ... or maybe it's just a kid coming home from his baseball game. It was a long and harrowing game, they were up in the top of the 9th inning with all the bases loaded when little Johnny O was struck out and everything shifted direction after that. The opposing team managed to rack up just enough runs to take the game in the final inning. Such a sad story. I think I'll stick with the little man waiting for the bus. ;-)

(sorry it is quite late in the evening for a post such as this)

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