Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hearts Afire

"Hearts Afire-revised" 12x12 oil on 2.5" cradled masonite board, ©Laura Gable
I can't get too far into the year without doing a sunflower painting. This few day's effort was actually altering an old painting that sat around the studio too long. The concept was there, just needed a bit more for the execution - two flowers almost combined together to make one. One a bit bigger and stalwart, the other a bit closed in and nurturing. I enjoyed the way this painting has moved closer to my original intention to portray the two hearts afire. So I've added more juicy paint and muted grayish areas, lighter and darker tones, more definite shadows.

This is painted on a 2.5" deep cradled masonite board, so will require a bit more for shipping costs.


  1. I love your colorful sunflowers in this gloomy January week! Thank you.

  2. These are so vibrant and heart-warming! Beautiful artwork!


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