Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just down the road, reprised

"Just Down the Road" 8x8 oil on canvas, ©Laura Gable
On the edge of our group of cities here in eastern Washington, there lies this amazing Red Mountain Viticulture area (AVA). Tucked onto the side of this rosy colored treeless mountain, is a plethora of fabulous wineries that craft some of the most amazing wines from family and estate vineyards of unique plentiful grapes. The Hedges Winery has the most appealing entrance, with rows of fragrant lavender bordering the drive and edges of the vines. This fragrant scene called for a small vignette painting, with it's lovely color juxtaposition of light violet, pale green and the reddish toned hills behind.

My awareness for the day-- reprising old paintings with a few brush strokes seems to give them new life. However, a judicious eye is needed, as some are better off left for "dead"with their failing compositions and no amount of new brushing will rescue them.

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