Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lofty Peaks

"Lofty Peaks" 5.5x5.5 oil on board, ©Laura Gable
 My plan to work in a series didn't quite pan out today, as I was not able to find any suitable lighthouse or Clover Island photos to work from. And the day was cold and windy with a spattering of snow about the city, so I didn't drive out to the island to paint out doors. So studio work it is ... at least I'm still actively painting in a series of Colorado scenery landscapes.

We took a trip long ago to the Maroon Bells outside of Aspen, Colorado. They steeply rise up from  the distant mountains -- their sides carved with repetitive grooves that hold bits of snow to dramatize this characteristic. It's as though they were sliced repeatedly with a razor blade. The mountain lake below, holds such a lovely shade of green. And the dramatic slide area on the mountain's side had me recalling similar paintings by artist, Robert Genn. He has painted similar slides in the Canadian Rockies. His have a dynamic, almost abstract quality. So this is my homage to dear Robert Genn, and his "Love Letters to Art". You can find his The Painters Keys website here, it is chock full of valuable information for every artist.

Today's awareness is a bit silly ... keep the brushes wet and keep your nose clean. And don't try to look at an ipad with paint on your fingers. (Referencing ipad photos while painting isn't ideal, as the screen goes to sleep too quickly, leaving painted fingerprints on the surface).

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