Friday, January 31, 2014

River's Pause.

The past couple days have been spent doing a field study and then studio work. The sunlight was tugging on my sleeve to get outside and soak it up a bit yesterday. Though a bit breezy to sit awhile outside, I opted for painting briefly in the truck -- a neatness challenge! It was fun to study the scene though and just get down a few preliminary strokes before heading to the studio.

There's a lovely sheltered path that passes under a high embankment of trees along the Columbia River off Columbia River Park Trail. Perhaps you will recognize it. The river laps the shoreline, nourishing the abundant eco-system there. I was thrilled to see a figure in bright yellow walk into the scene, and got a shot of him before he disappeared into the shadows.
This is the brief field study done while sitting in my truck. No solvent, and lots of rags in a cramped space. I only spent about an hour -- just enough to suggest the scene and lay in some color. I did capture the yellow coated stranger, who looks more dominant here than in the final.

"River's Pause", 8x10 oil on board, ©Laura Gable
(The scene was refined a bit, small strokes added, focal point adjusted, colors and value adjusted.)
The awarenesses for the month:
• I realized that I didn't forget how to paint. That was bothering me, as I am wanting to move forward with new projects and ideas.
• It's vital to keep it enjoyable, and brushes are laid down when frustration sets in. But this is usually a brief pause, as the mind keeps noodling it through until resolution comes about. (Usually it's deciding what color goes "there".)
• Getting the fire back into the belly is a huge driving force.
• But the biggest most vital awareness is how much I have missed dropping deeply into the creative process. Moving into that space where time seems to be suspended.

Thanks for journeying with me this past month. I enjoy the creative interaction, seeing what others are up to in their processes, and value the comments we've shared. Thanks so much to art-a-day.blogspot's challenge leader Bobi, and Leslie Saeta for encouraging so many artists in their 30 in 30 challenges. Though I didn't paint 30 paintings, I spent 30 days immersed in the creative process.

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