Friday, January 10, 2014

Three Plums

Three Plums, 8x8 oil on board, ©Laura Gable

Revising an older painting that needed a bit of softening of edges, warming and brightening up of colors was what this day's studio effort called for. Just a few brush strokes for this quaint little French plum painting, originally painted last year.

After a long studio absence last year (both mentally and physically) it feels good to spend some regular time there now. Though I am not strictly challenging myself to do a painting a day, I devote a portion of each day to a creative goal that comes to me in the morning. Some have been: working effortlessly, trying new techniques, use a limited palette; revise, de-clutter, sketch, be "in" the landscape, work small, absorption. Some of these posts will show on the 2 daily paint blogs I'm loosely following this month, and also posting a bit more regularly to my dailypaintworks gallery. Those links are:

1. Slices of Life by Leslie Saeta, (Though I haven't posted everyday, I find her very encouraging. I returned to this 30 in 30 challenge having participated a bit last year too).

2. Art-a-Day, this blog started locally over 6 years ago and includes artists of all varieties who have challenged each other to create any form of art daily. I love the diversity of this group.

3. Daily Paint Works: my gallery is here ...

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