Saturday, February 1, 2014


I set out to do 30 paintings, but only completed 16. Several of which were painted on for a few days. So all told it was a successful challenge. With a lot of creative sloshing of paint, sketching out of ideas, experimenting with new techniques, and some journaling.

Leslie Saeta pointed out that these collages can be simply made through picmonkey online. Check it out here


  1. Laura, great work!
    On Saturday, I too was in that creative space, where time doesn't really exist. I got so sucked in and when I came out, that's when I realized I was in the art zone! Too much fun and what I can see, you get into the art zone daily!
    patti k

  2. Patti,isn't it fun. Glad you are experience the art zone!! All the best to you.


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