Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lively Hills

Here is another homage to early springtime in the hills. The wildflowers are in profusion and the back hills add a lovely backdrop to the scene. I have a hankering for these lovely impending Springtime days - but must wait a bit for the color to return.

This painting was done on the back of a small bamboo box. These boxes are sold in the decor stores and used normally as a drawer divider. They make nice painting surfaces when gessoed over and painted on the backside with oil paintings. The box sides are painted yellow ochre. The last view below includes a bit of the side, and texture

"Lively Hills" 6x6 oil painting on cradled bamboo box, ©Laura Gable


  1. Recently, yet not too recently, Rattlesnake Mountain, looked a bit like Lively Hills. I took a picture, one brisk morning late last week. Your work has the wow factor Laura!

  2. These hills here do grow on you. Coming from Colorado it did take a while to become enamored with them. A local poet once described them as sueded like the haunches in this "lioness of land". I have always loved that. Thanks so much Patti.


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