Thursday, July 31, 2014


"Sentinals" 8x10 oil on board, ©Laura Gable
The area where Sacajawea and the Corps of Discovery camped along the Columbia River is well preserved with a park and museum along the river shore, here is southeastern Washington. We went over there one Sunday, and had a nice visit with the volunteer working there. She shared that when Maya Lin came in and created the basalt discovery circles as part of the centennial celebration, she wanted to remove the grass and trees to take it back to a more natural environment like it was during the Corps' encampment. There was a great deal of discussion at the time, with well spoken platforms on both sides of the issue. A compromise of sorts was reached, and the park was able to keep it's lush grass and beautiful mature maples and sycamores. Yet in the areas around the sculptures, they planted some native grasses which were indigenous to the area for many hundreds of years.

Looking away north from the park into the natural landscape that skirts the edges, there is a boat dock and some trails for the avid wanderer. I found this lovely spot for a vignette, and wondered if perhaps this had a semblance of similarity to what the Lewis and Clark group saw during their short stay.

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  1. Just happened upon your blog and I was catching up on all the work you have been doing. Amazing! This one really caught my attention. I love the wispy brush work. I also think it is great you give the background story too your pieces.


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