Thursday, August 21, 2014

Storm's a Brewin' II

"Storm's a Brewin' II" 4" x 6.26" oil on card, ©Laura Gable
This was painted the same day as the previous post. In an area off the highway and near a new hospital where there is a lot of new housing construction in progress on these pristine cheat grass and sage covered hill sides. The clouds were quite dramatic as they skimmed the surface of this distant hill, leaving the close grasslands quite strongly naples yellow toned with bits of bright green. We have a lot of these smooth sided hills in our region. I don't recall the name of this one, but the one further south, out of view, is Jump Off Joe. The one I was perched on the side of is Thompson Hill. And others in the area are Badger Mountain, Little Badger Mountain, Red Mountain, Candy Mountain and Rattlesnake Mountain. The final one's claim to fame, I once heard, is that it's the tallest mountain in North America with no trees on it. Perhaps the locals can correct me if they know any different. I've always found that a bit fascinating.

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