Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Soaring Crane

Here is another hand painting in another format. This one represents the healing power in us all. My image honors the Soaring Crane method of Qigong--a mind-body practice and a self-initiated moving meditation. Here the hand becomes the bird. A drawing together, and development of healing.
Mixed Media on Claybord

Monday, May 5, 2008

Harmony Series: Peace, Joy, Love

Early in the year I painted a 3 part series devoted to my love of stained glass and my artist friends who so lovingly create them. One of my friends would privately recite a "love mantra" to herself as she placed each piece into the growing image. What a wonderful skill - to take things that are whole, break them into small pieces, and then place them back together--creating an entirely new image and work of art. Once broken--now whole. 

These 3 small paintings (each measuring 4x4) are first scratched using a sharp tool, then painted and gloss varnished. In a black frame they are unified, mounted on an eggplant colored mat, each surrounded by a black fillet. As paintings, do they call to mind the luminescence of glass?
4x4 claybord (3 panels framed together)
Original SOLD
Prints available