Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Windows of the Soul

Petals dance about. They sway to a quiet symphony as heads nod and leaves whisper gentle reminders to each other. "Remember what it was like when we were young, the games we played in cool grasses as the shadows grew long? When family gathered around the table--the day's stories complete and supper's nourishment absorbed." Family memories are as long as the roads to return there and as deep as the pool of my soul. They guide me through the days now, their soft voices mumble--catching me unawares. It's as though I paint from the places of my past - I'm sitting in the back yard with palette held in young fingers, paint sloshed about, images created. And so the evolution of this flower seems to encompass this passage of time and the various stages of life. The large flower, strong-young-energetic reaches toward the sun. It caresses and protects the other two which are still quite lovely, but losing their vibrancy...allowing space for the wilting flowers to dip gracefully to the soil. They look sad, but life is sometimes sad. It's the opposition in all things that makes us appreciate the good. And dying is a part of living, right?

Perhaps these images evoke something different in you. I would welcome your stories.

Oil on canvas
24 x36 
$1,700 (framed)