Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer's Flower (sold)

"Summer's Flower" 8x8 oil on board (with an underpainting in acrylic), ©Laura Gable
If this painting has a similar feel to the last one, then you have a good eye. It was painted in acrylics (see previous post) and had such a dismal dull finish that I decided to brighten it up with a gloss varnish. But later decided that since the birch panel it was painted on was so porous, that the varnish would likely disappear into the surface and I'd be back where I started with a very dull lifeless painting.

So I gave it a coating of clear gesso and then went about to "touch up" the surface with oil paints to give it a bit more luminosity. After about an hour of this fiddling about, I discovered that very little of the original painting was left. Oh well, sometimes fiddling has good results. I'm much happier with this and it has a deeper color range than the previous piece. Edges ended being a bit more crisp than I'd intended but I'm calling it finished.

Hope you enjoy this depiction of my favorite summer flower.

This painting was just sold at auction at the website. Here's the LINK!

Friday, July 5, 2013

"Over Yonder"

"Over Yonder" 6x6 oil on bamboo box panel, ©Laura Gable
Painted on the back side of a small bamboo box, this lively painting was done entirely with a palette knife. I rarely paint exclusively with palette knives, so this was a fun experiment. And below is a side view so you can get an idea of the depth of the painting. This expressive small painting, reminiscent of the rolling hillsides in eastern Washington, evokes a memory of travels to distant lands.

Here it is again, shown at an angle so you get a sense of the depth of the panel.
These are actually drawer dividers from BB&Y that I gessoed with black.