Sunday, December 20, 2009

Two Nests (6) ... finished! Titled "Enfolded"

The nested painting is now framed in a slightly muted silver leaf frame, which is absolutely beautiful. There is a sense of duality, and a equally balanced comfort in the way the nests settle in towards each other. The mother bird, very soft and enigmatic is hovering in the background. Please drop into the studio to see this painting. It is a lovely companion piece to "Birth" (painted earlier this year...

Oil Painting

Two Nests (5)

Work progressed on the two nest painting. The Easter Eggs were painted over, the nest was deepened and simplified. The foreground went from textured fabric to a more abstracted version of sky and straw. The upper background,which had been scrubbed into soft tones in a previously unphotographed painting, shows the bird starting to emerge again.

Two Nests (4)

Progress is crawling on this piece. I seem to have lost interest. My time has been quite fractured lately with short vacation and lots of teaching ... need some time to refill the well. (This was started before the summer). Anyway, I added a bit more background color and some more detail on the wooden eggs in the back nest. Momentum here we come!!

Two Nests (3)

This is a companion nesting piece to the single nest titled "Birth". The top nest has colored wooden eggs nestled inside. I'll paint it in as I see it ... but not sure I like this confusion of color and message. We'll let it go for a while and see what transpires. At the moment I have a suggestion of a crane at the top of the image. I want it to be vague and ethereal. Let's see where that goes, too.

Two Nests (2)

Color placement and imagery are being blocked in here. Oil painting of two nests in progress.

Two Nests (1)

Here is the initial concept and rough sketch in raw sienna on buff toned canvas. It is based on two still life nests that my student brought to me. She was raising birds at the time and these were actual nests that they had built.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sun Seeker

This un-named sunflower painting sits eagerly on the easel. There was another small tweak to the inside shape of the flower that will need to yet be posted. It's painted in oils in a bit looser style. Wanting to be more expressive, yet still show form. It's not quite impressionistic, but getting there.

UPDATE: As you see, I've named the piece Sun Seeker. It is framed in a lovely gold and black ornate frame. It has a strong presence and looks lovely hung on the studio wall next to Windows of the Soul.

Oil on Canvas