Friday, January 23, 2015

Water's Edge (sold)

These lovely ponds are tucked in the Amon Basin area in Eastern Washington. I hiked in a short distance to find this viewpoint. Not much was happening this day, until 2 bicyclists came zooming past and startled me. For the most part it was just me and the water and the ducks and the sage and the rabbit brush and the trees. A lovely soliloquy for a winter's day. Perhaps I will return there again soon to see what nature provides. Softer colors I'm sure since I pushed these a bit brighter than our true hazy mid-winter tones.

"Water's Edge" in it's final revision. 9x12 oil on board, ©Laura Gable

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Amon Basin Marshes

Yesterday I got an opportunity to paint en plein air. As I was heading south on Leslie Rd, the sun peeked out from behind it's cloud cover, and my car veered left toward Amon Basin Preserve. There is this lovely pond there on both sides of the wide path. I set up looking towards the north and did a quick painting. I like the drama of the water in the foreground as it went almost dark purple then faded towards the soft marshes in the back. The reflections were stunning and the distant trees very soft. After about an hour, when the sun ducked out again, my scene quickly changed and it was time to stop. Nature has a way of keeping us from being too fussy!!

"Amon Basin Marshes" painted plein air ,
8" x 10" oil on board, ©Laura Gable