Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Work in Progress for Symbiotic Dance of Balance and Bliss

I was a bit negligent in getting the progress paintings posted for "Symbiotic Dance...", so here is a series of images showing the progression from day one to completion, (approximately 4 weeks). The initial concept sketch is hiding somewhere in one of my sketchbooks - so will find that and post it later. This painting measures 4foot square. Enjoy!
day 1 - sketch and blocking in

Day 2 - blocking in colors of first flower
Day 3 - blocking in and modeling the first flower
Day 4 - blocking in and modeling the 2nd flower
Day 5 - starting to take shape, colors are fairly set and movement is where
I want it to be... what about the colors and values?
Day 6 - varying the colors of the leaves and petals and shapes
Day 7 - set up a still life so I could verify the colors and shadows
and noted that the greens needed much warming up
Day 8 - not seeing a huge change here, but refined some of the
yellow petals a bit more and tweaked colors overall
Day 9 - revising the direction of the light on the
left sunflower and making sure the shadows are true
Day 10 - last day on the easel, color, value and some petal adjustments

(completed) "The Symbiotic Dance of Balance and Bliss" oil painting on 48" x 48" canvas ©Laura Gable

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