Friday, March 30, 2012

A new direction?

A recent trip to the quaint village of Langley on Whidbey Island, allowed me to experience a most amazing Whidbey Island Fine Art School  oil painting workshop taught by Dreama Tolle Perry. She is a magical person, and the paints she uses are equally magical. We focused on the usage of transparent colors, and more expressive brush strokes. I tell you, I am hooked! So look for more of these juicy and vibrant colors in some of my upcoming art. I'm in love with painting again, my soul sings!!
"Brilliance" ©Laura Gable, 8x8 oil painting, available for sale.

The community is located just off the coast of the Seattle area, accessible by the Mukileteo Ferry. Color and flowers abound, and delightful little flower boxes.

I stayed with a local resident who rents out 3 rooms in a wing of her house that has been left vacant when their children moved away. It was a fun way to get to know other class participants. This little sitting area was located off the front porch. It was just beckoning for a cup of tea and a good book... if one had more time.

The owner of the school, hosts a dinner one evening to get to know the other students and the teacher. It was quite an affair, with homemade breads, fresh pasta, and sparkling wines. She makes her bread in a dutch oven. This is the book she uses. Going to have to get that one. It sounds quite easy, no kneading required.

The first day's exercise ... we all painted the same image and ended up with a room full of 
Italian architecture and lovely flower boxes. The colors just radiate. 

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