Friday, April 13, 2012

Miss Kitty

The studio where I used to rent space, has a "shop kitty" who made the place her home.
She is quite comfortable there and very well taken care of. The owner artists' diligently take care of her daily needs with morning tuna, treats midday and offer her long play sessions in the afternoons or evening.
In the summers she roams the enclosed area out the back door, but mostly she just lays in the sun and roll in the dirt. In the winters she has a heating pad in her bed atop one of the artists bookshelves. She is often a fixture in their display window, her tawny Bengal colors match so beautifully with the owners' turned wood art pieces.

"Katarah" ©Laura Gable, 6x6 oil painting, SOLD

Though I must admit she has no blue in her coloring, it was fun to experiment with the tones and reflections from her surroundings and the multi colored rug on which she sat.
Her expectant look says it all. "I love you", mixed with "please feed me". This was a common pose I saw from her as she sat patiently in front of my desk drawer where I kept her treats. The owners felt I might bond a little bit more with her if I had a private stash of the treats. I admit that when the treats ran out, I substituted treats with her daily food but assumed it took on the same favors of the crinkly crunchy pouch. She still gobbled up the pieces.
Do you have any sweet "gato" stories to share as well?


  1. Having seen the kitty in question, I think you captured her perfectly. She really doesn't have blue tones, but the blue is definitely part of her personality. You really nailed the look in the eyes. And I like your story about her.

    1. Thank you Gert for your comment. It's great to know that blue is part of her personality. She is a very pretty girl.


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