Wednesday, April 18, 2012


"Siblings" ©Laura Gable, 6x6 oil painting on canvas board. (SOLD)
Like a family these fluffy petaled heads, vie for attention from the viewer.
Can you almost hear their sibling cries... "Mommy-Daddy, look at me??"
Growing up in a large family, I remember a few times when we had to jostle for attention. Or at least it seemed that way in my fluffy tow-haired head.

One often resorted to a bit of "showing off" especially if there was company visiting. We'd do cartwheels in the living room, practice juggling (well maybe not), tell jokes, show off our gardens (we each had our own). I recall another occasion when my siblings and I performed a makeshift concert for my visiting grandparents. Through the "Squeek, and squack" from 2 clarinets, a flute and one coronet -- they still seemed to enjoy it. Isn't that what grandparents do? (... see the "blackmail" photo below)

Loving the horn rim glasses, and the clarinet that I played from 6th grade to Senior year.
What is it about sunflowers that draws us in? Why are so many of us enamored by the these vibrant abundant fields filled with bobbing heads that rotate as the sun moves across the sky. There were a few of those lively fields in Nebraska where I grew up. The local farmers found new crops that needed raising and grooming ... these were most likely for bird seed or sunflower oil.

Sunflowers are rich in color, they elicit a joyful presence. They are all knowing, as though there is wisdom implanted in these beautiful heads.
Windows of the soul,
eyes of the sun,
grown from mother earth...

Why do I return to sunflowers so often in my paintings?
I guess it's a bit of a touch stone, especially if I've been away from the paints for a period of time. It's familiar territory which I feel I can navigate. Perhaps I see my progress as an artist to return to this recurrent subject in order to see how I can best express concepts, especially after learning new things. Like this newest painting, the goal was to express the color and "mass-tone" while moving away from an exact representation of each petal. I'm getting there, I believe.

Yes, it's also a JOY thing. I just love them and so why not paint what makes you happy.

Plain and simply, paint what you love -- enjoy the process. And the frosting on top, is if you, dear viewer, enjoys it as well. Here's a little 6x6 oil painting that I did yesterday. Share your experiences and connections to the sunflower too, if you'd like.

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