Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Flavors of Red" and "53"

"Flavors of Red" and "53" oil on 4x4 gessobord. ©Laura Gable

These tiny little easels are the perfect size for the 4x4 Ampersand Gessobords. Sometimes it's good to have these little boards lying about, as they are a quick way to get quickly into right brain mode for a longer painting session. A loosening up exercise in abstraction and movement using similar values and tones ... and then integrating the "53" in honor of a friend's year of birth. If their keepers, I usually frame them either separately or together, but there's really an infinite number of possibilities for their final use. People often pick them up and are surprised by the lightness, since they look like ceramic tiles.

My friend from Florida sent me an article a few years back of an artshow that was made up of these miniature boards. Each was designed by a different artist using any or all mediums, from paint, to clay, to fiber art, to collage. They were then hung together on one wall. The combined art that was created by all these individual pieces was truly amazing.

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