Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An progression of brush strokes

I have a stack of these little 4x4 Ampersand Gessoboards. They are fun to play with when there's that little bit of paint left over and it's hardly worth saving. It becomes a perfect time for experimentation. I also have a new rubber tipped tool that can remove paint from this hard surface, so I was having a little bit of fun there lifting paint, in the first one on the left. The second was a series of loose strokes that I then totally blended out because I didn't like the direction it was going. Oil paint is so wonderful for this blending out ... you just need the right clean brush—not too soft, yet not too bristly. A few strokes were added back in after the blending. The final was a bit of a repeat of 2, but the brush strokes were applied in this musical syncopated way. Does anyone else paint fast when a quicker paced song comes on? I like the movement and flow of these 3 pieces, and think I will have them framed with little fillets around each of them, then arranged together on one panel. Have fun playing with your leftover paints!

"Atmosphere" triptycht of 4x4 gessobords painted in oil. ©Laura Gable

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