Thursday, November 1, 2012

92 "A small statement of great prominence" (SOLD)

92 "A Small Statement of Great Prominence" various sized miniatures, copyright Laura Gable
This is another of the little miniatures that I had done a few days back during this challenge. Since I've decided to count them as a separate painting, they get their own post. This one will have a small frame, so it all makes sense being connected together like this. I am loving the long title for such a small abstract study.

These little ones are color studies for much larger paintings, on my to do list for a future date. A small format is a great way to work out color and design, without a huge investment of canvas or time. And I love that they are effortless, and have no expectations of grandeur.

Do you ever consider framing your own small sketches or doodles to give them a bit more presence? It really honors the work.

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