Sunday, January 6, 2013

At the Seashore, revised (SOLD)

This is one of the paintings that I did during my 100 day challenge last fall. I had a few artist friends critique it recently, and they gave me some suggestions to help with the boy's physique, and skyline. He was holding a bag of sand, which I removed because it was confusing. I added a cast shadow, and with that connected the two figures making for a stronger composition (and with that I'm recognizing the difference between a cast shadow and a reflection). His back side was adjusted so his pants had more droop fixing the butt area. I added shadows under his arm, and highlights along the top. The skyline and background colors were softened a bit to let the figures spring forward. I realize that if I were to put them on a different plane the painting would be more powerful, so perhaps I'll do a mini-series of this seashore scene. Here's the original post of this painting.

Revision of "At the Seashore" 8x8 oil on board, ©Laura Gable

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