Sunday, July 6, 2014

Coming Home (sold)

"Coming Home" 20x24 oil painting on canvas, ©Laura Gable
I painted this a few years back when I was doing a nesting series. During that time, I had discovered a sweet, private new studio, where I was starting to feather the floors and walls with things that meant a great deal to me -- ephemera, rugs, easels, art and supplies. A lovely heart centered place where I still create. The painting, though it has some apparent inaccuracies, captures a certain feeling deep within the brush strokes. For me it hits a note in the heart -- something not always easy to logically recreate in other paintings.

Don't we often go to places in this world that somehow resonate on a deeper level with us. As though we've been there before--a sense of deja' vu? Our heart strings are stirred by something immeasurable… like the sound of bird call combined with the color of the sky and rustle of the nearby grasses. That kernel of something sweet and light, that just hearkens back to happy times spent with loved ones, family and friends.

One time I gazed with tears in my eyes, at an artist's pastel rendition of soft golden wheat fields under a deep blue sky. Another time I stood in awe at Cezanne's series of small "bathers" paintings, and I was overcome. These feelings can be mysterious, noting the sublime aspect of art.

I'm pleased to send this piece off to a wonderful new home, owned by the new local hospital. My heart is happy.

On another note, I heard recently that my college art teacher, Mr. Dillon, has passed. The last time I saw him, he was hanging art in the lobby of the office building where I worked as an auditor in Lincoln, NE. I know, a far diversion from the current path I am on. He encouraged me to continue with art, but I followed those more practical pathways. Does "practicality" really translate to "fear"? Reluctantly, I wish I had reconnected with this favorite teacher of mine once I had returned to art--wondering if he would remember me? Alas, a bit late now. Ah but my heart does recall his kindness, clarity of teaching, and unflagging support. A very special person, indeed.

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