Sunday, October 19, 2014

After the Rains (sold)

"After the Rains"
12"x12" oil on board, ©Laura Gable
Welcome back to my blog. This is a painting I recently did in the studio. Most times my camera is with me, and I was thrilled to capture this lovely scene off Wheat Road in Kennewick, after the storms blew through in the springtime. Our horizons are mostly soft rolling hills of sage, rabbit brush and cheat grass. I love the way the clouds and their energetic movement seem to contrast with the rolling landscape. And of course, who doesn't love the orange and blue contrast. I'm pleased that this painting is heading to nearby Yakima for exhibit in the 59th Central Washington Artists' Exhibition at the Larson Gallery. It will be on display there for a month.

I painted this on an Ampersand Aquaboard (intended for watercolor). When I prepped the board with a thin wash of oil paint mixed with medium, it made for a lovely surface for oil paint--with enough tooth to catch the paint and yet still allow blending. Hope you enjoy this painting.


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