Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I'm feeling the need to explore a bit more and try out new directions with my art and my paintings. This colored pencil on black paper, was born quickly today as I tried to settle into the studio. I've been sketching all manner of 5 pointed things, and this is reminiscent of the starfish pose we do in yoga. At the yoga retreat this weekend, hosted by Melanie Farmer, we did a pranayama breathing series while splayed out on the floor on our backs on a blanket. A sharp intake into the belly region, then relax totally into the floor while arms and legs are splayed about...practically melding with the floor as we totally relaxed into the pose. This pose evolved from there as we went from the starfish position lying prone on the in breath, to a tight ball rolled onto one side on the out breath... and then back to the prone position. So this is my homage to "starfish."

©Laura Gable 2012

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