Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where has the artist run off too.

I hate to admit it, but when I get busy and into the work zone, it seems much easier to post onto Facebook rather than my own blog (I've got an app on my iphone, so I can do that posting while at the studio). But the Art-Biz Coach suggests not doing that...and to instead keep your personal blog updated and constantly evolving. In order to create a personalized artistic identity for oneself, I suspect. Perhaps I will take a few posts here to catch us all up on activity in the studio since February.

Here are the most recent things that I've worked on ... a few figure studies of Kaileigh who was our model from the ballet company. She was at the 509Art Space last Saturday. She was a delight to draw... beautiful face, graceful long limbs, poise, lovely statuesque frame. Hope to get to draw her again soon.
Kayleigh   ©Laura Gable 2012

©Laura Gable 2012

These sketches are done on a slate grey charcoal paper, using blue and white china "marker" (similar to a grease pencil). Comments are welcomed.

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