Friday, May 27, 2011

Two Sided Artwork

I rescued an old watercolor painting of a sunflower the other day. The yellow was heavily saturated, so I lifted a large amount of it and added detail to bring the sunflower trio to life. I was quite happy with the results. I love the movement in the background area.

©Laura Gable 2012

So when I was going about inventorying it yesterday, I flipped it over to write the title on the backside ... and by golly if there wasn't another nearly finished painting on that side. An abstracted leaf montage, which I'm not really sure why I didn't frame. Perhaps it was from that time that I wasn't taking these abstracted works very seriously. They were fun for demo's while teaching, as I could show a variety of paint application techniques. So now I have a conundrum—which side shall I frame, or do I devise a clever way sandwiching them between 2 pieces of glass to create a reversible painting. Which painting is your preference? Comments are welcomed.

©Laura Gable 2012

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