Monday, June 18, 2012

Artist in Repose

"Artist in Repose" a pastel drawing on black paper, 8x10
We have several opportunities here locally to draw figures. There are 2 artist groups that get together frequently, and the local gallery hosts nude figure sessions year-round, except summers. My favorite sessions are the rare opportunity to take the figure outside under the shade of the trees. The skin tones change dramatically. I've just sketched them, but am looking forward to an opportunity to paint these figures in oils soon.

This sketch was done inside, however, awhile back. Our model didn't show up, so one of the artists said she would pose for us. She had a migrane, so it actually was a bit of a respite for her. I know the nose isn't quite rendered correctly, but I do love the glow I got on her shadow side cheek and the reflected green on her chin. It has sort of a Degas quality.

One of my earliest teachers, Jan Kunz, taught me that the skin tones are cooler on the forehead and chin since there is less flesh over the bone. And so that would make the cheeks and nose warmer since they are more fleshy. Jan was an amazing teacher. She taught a group of 30 students here and juried one of the last exhibitions of the Eastern Washington Watercolor Society. I was recently contacted by her daughter who owns Creative Catalyst Productions, an art teaching video company. She shared that Jan is now celebrating her 90th birthday. What an amazing accomplishment for such an accomplished artist.

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