Saturday, June 23, 2012


"Peek", oil painting on 6x6 short cradled panel, ©Laura Gable
Who lurks behind the mask,
the visage glowing beyond
the bright ember of ones existence.
Inquisitive and pondering, 
our essence lives on.

A recent portrait study didn't go so well. The mini-portrait, though containing all the elements of the photographed face, just didn't hold a likeness. That can be a challenge when working commissions... certainly. I admit I've not had many portrait commissions and did I mention they are challenging. The family I worked with was very delightful though, and they were the best of clients. I'll post the finished pieces later.

Rather than waste a painting that went "bad" I slapped a few more strokes of color on and around, saving the favorite part of the original design ... this one good eye. And now, quite accidentally I see a face-like image grow out of these abstract strokes. The lower right resembles a grotesque nose, perhaps? H-m-m maybe this is how Picasso arrived at his fractured face series of paintings ???

UPDATE 2013: This painting has been modified and I will post an updated image soon.

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