Monday, July 2, 2012

Nested Home

"Nested Home" oil painting on 6x6 canvas. SOLD
The holidays of Summer take us back to our roots where we have built a nest made up of our heritage, our families, and our friend-families. And a celebration of our Nation's independence is fitting.... of course shared with these loved ones. Enjoy your celebration.

This little painting was done on a black gessoed canvas. The "bice" blue was added for the background. It's a slightly greyed blue that denotes our lovely magnificent skies. Sometimes depending on the overcast quality of the sky, it can be greyed even more using a smattering of cadmium orange. Quite versatile, it can also be lightened with white or brightened with other blues for sunnier days.

The little egg rests alone in this colorful nest, and so the question arises as to where the other eggs might be. Rare it is for a bird to lay only one egg. We currently have a robin's nest on our back pergola--full of 4 active and healthy hatchlings. Their little heads now poke up beyond the perimeter and their necks seem made of elastic when the parents arrive with meals of wiggly worms. Every 10 minutes or so they feed, and continue through most of the day. Seeing how much they consume, it's no wonder they grow so quickly. It's usually only 2 weeks once born that they depart the nest. 

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