Thursday, July 26, 2012


"Randomosity" acrylic inks on 6x6 clayboard, © Laura Gable, SOLD
Ampersand has a wonderful product called Claybord. It is a very smooth surface and very absorbent. It feels a bit like a smooth venetian plaster, though I don't believe it contains any marble.

Color was important after I'd been working a while with the black inked scratchboards. So tinting the clayboard seemed just the ticket. The FW acrylic inks were the perfect surface treatment. Once dried, the inked surface was scratched a bit. Acrylic ink was added more opaquely in the top layers, then lifted in places as they started to dry. I was happy with the color results. The blues have such a comforting sky-like color. Often when I add blue to a painting, it's like breath has been added to the piece. The painting somehow can breath. In plein air painting, we say that it has an airy quality.

I enjoyed the movement and flow of this piece. In the midst of all the movement there's the underlying framework which adds balance. Like our overcommitted lives, perhaps? Eat healthy and take care of yourself in order to take on the day and all the firehose of information that comes into our lives.


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