Monday, June 4, 2012

Spiritual Series

"Though I Walk in Fear"   -   "I am Led to the Still Waters"   -   "My Soul is Restored"
a triptycht for client on 8"x24" cradled gessobord, painted in oils. ©Laura Gable

I've just recently completed this series of paintings for a client. She wanted me to use the influences of Van Gogh and Monet in the art, and base themes and titles from the 23rd Psalm. The paintings are a progression of her life's path, and her spiritual devotion.

The first, is a fearful and troublesome painting. "Though I Walk in Fear" represents a time of being lost and alone, stumbling through the moonlight with foreboding shapes and deep valleys all around.

Realizing that we are never alone and finding some solace in life and seeing peace return, is the theme of the second painting, "I am Led to the Still Waters. We are led to this beautiful oasis where our soul can become nourished.

In the final piece, the peace and love we all seek has been found... at this point we realize, "My Soul is at Restored."  A restful and serene place, where one can see the beautiful sunset again.

It was a fun journey, and creating these pieces was a process in itself. When the final painting was completed, this sense of peace and restoration came to me as well. Knowing the "feeling" she wanted in each painting was a wonderful guiding force and allowed me to interject this into the brush strokes and then into the finished piece. So hopefully this comes across in the finished pieces of artwork.


  1. These are beautiful! Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Jan. And thank you for commenting. Can't you just feel the coolness in the atmosphere that we created?


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