Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cloud Scape

"Cloud Scape" 8x10 oil on board, ©Laura Gable
Painting clouds can be challenging as there are no hard edges. This is an attempt doing so from a photo of a distant horizon and the earth curving away above. I'm not sure I've captured the curving away of the sky, as this was very vast. I do like the feel of it though, and the bits of orange that crept in on the left side of the lower sky.

Today's awareness: I have this wanting to create scenes from memory, yet I find I do much better if I have something to reference in front of me while I paint. Seems like a simple awareness, but it is powerful none-the-less.


  1. Lovely paintings Laura! Full of light and color!

  2. Thank you Srishti. Yes clouds are amazing. I hope to get them portrayed a bit softer and ethereal in the future.

  3. I am back here to tell you again! How amazing your art is!!! Love the thick paint!
    Laissez-faire is my favorite but I couldn't find it on the blog! Amazing form!

  4. Thank you Srishti. I appreciate that. Going so long between sales can get discouraging, but I try not to have that be the yardstick of "success" as a painter. (A precipice I have to pull myself back from at times). Isn't it truly the art creation that feeds the soul? ;-)

    I don't believe that Laissez-faire made it to the blog - it was a commission. I did a series of small 6x6 portraits of a family. He was the first one -- and the photo reference indicated he had a big personality. I was told that the painting was "spot" on. I had just returned from a Dreama Tolle Perry workshop, so was dancing and on-fire at that time.

    Thanks for looking at the website.

  5. Am reposting this series of miniature portraits in the next post so we can revisit them.


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