Friday, January 17, 2014

Golden Canopy at Zintel Canyon

"Golden Canopy at Zintel Canyon" 11x14 oil on board, ©Laura Gable
An autumn day's sojourn into the thickets and pathways of Kennewick's Zintel Canyon, had me stop awhile before this majestic tree. Painting in the Fall is so enjoyable, with it's mixture of wetness and heat, and the various odors marking evidence of the underbrush's nubile composting process. The occasional rustling and clatters from large golden leaves falling behind me, keeps my awareness sharp as I stand intently painting off the path.

Though painted in the fall, I did do some touch up today to unify things and work out the shadows on the troublesome dirt of the pathway. Today's goal was to work with golds and yellows in a lyrical fashion. Also while working, an awareness came to me about the necessity the artist has to design the scene on canvas -- to alter nature if necessary to make a more pleasing story in paint. This I believe will be a life-long pursuit.

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