Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sage Land (sold)

This day's goal was to wallow in the oil paints and use a limited palette-- using only the paints I have here at home. Well it worked for awhile until I realized that the last dregs of white were not nearly enough. Landscapes need a lot of white!! I do love the blues I was using here -- cobalt teal and another softer King's blue from Rembrandt that my niece recommended. Anyway this one is based on our land here in the shrub-steppe region of eastern Washington. Oh and it was painted from a photograph taken earlier in the first wisps of the Autumn season. I like the composition and may consider it for a larger painting later.
"Sage Land" 5x7 oil on canvas, ©Laura Gable


  1. That bright blue in the shadows is fantastic, and you're right, you should definitely paint a bigger version! =)


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