Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mini Portrait #12

      I haven't done many paintings with "rim-light" . . . so this was a treat. It's that little bit of light that hugs the edge when the object is lighted from the side. Another goal here is to find a true representation of white, which even though in shadow is very dark. Also focusing on glow and reflected light while striving to again capture the effect of "light on the planes." I feel this mini portrait feels more effortless than some of the others.
      A couple years ago, my Dad grew a mustache and goatee. He was asked to portray William Henry Jackson at a centennial celebration of their local Scottsbluff National Monument (click here for more information about the park and that connection.) He had a lot of fun with that, and folks claimed he looked just like the historical photographer. Later that year, he and Mom visited us here and we took them up to Leavenworth. My Dad, also an avid photographer, went crazy capturing a plethroa of picturesque old Bavarian scenery. In one shop, he slithered into a gap between a display wall and an outside window to photograph the streets below. This mini portrait portrays his profile bathed with rim light.

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