Sunday, January 23, 2011

When artwork is not accepted (and "Chatting at the Sky")

I've fallen in love with the writings in this online blog (below). She has a fine way of expressing herself. I especially like this quote about the rejection some artist's feel when their work is not accepted into exhibitions and juried show:
"The job of the artist is not to convince people to like what you have created. The job of the artist is to CREATE."


  1. thanks for your kind words, Laura! I love to see your work here. How lovely.

  2. Thank you Emily. I hope it's ok that I reference your words. I first heard of your site on my other Blog:
    It's a fun blog, where a lot of (mostly local) artists, come together for the month of January with a shared goal of creating art daily. It's been quite inspiring.
    Take good care.


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