Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spiritual Series Triptychs

Triptych of my Spiritual Series
Part of this triptych was started the end of last year, and finished in January (the two on the right). The third one (left) was started and completed this month. They each measure 2ft x 4ft in size. It's a size I'm really enjoying. Unfortunately they are not a gallery wrap canvas, so will need to seek out a form of framing or mounting. They are meant to hang separately, rather than connected together. The landscapes are ethereal and all have a spiritual representation. The rose has an unfinished portion near the bottom, that I've finally grown comfortable with. I struggled to consider the rose part of the trio, but once I've had them arranged together in this way, they seem to complete each other. They are titled, "Beyond the Bounds of Earth" ... "Acceptance" ... "Blessings Float on Love's Wings".
"Beyond the Bonds of Earth", "Acceptance", "Blessings Float on Love's Wings" 3 oil paintings,  24" x 48" on canvas.

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