Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book Art Project, nearly complete

"Peace" colored pencil and mixed media on paper, ©Laura Gable
Here she is in a long linear fashion (10" wide x 60" long), totally sketched and almost finished with the coloring. I opted for the white china marker (like a grease pencil) which looks so fabulous on a black background (just black gesso, by the way) and then I've colored it in colored pencils since they were within reach. It's actually quite subtle in color ... a departure from the others that were quite vibrant. Any suggestions whether she needs to be fully colored ... I sort of like the partially colored areas.

The ends have to be attached and then folded to become the "book" format ... I'm liking her so much at this point I don't want to fold her, but will do so to complete the book.

(bear with me on the photo - my cell takes low res photos ... so will take one with the other camera next time).

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