Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK day tribute song, and sketchbook page.

In honor of Martin Luther King day, here is a beautiful rendition of James Taylor's song, "Shed a Little Light." It has a very powerful message, and is a great one to hear again and again.

peace dove (and apple of great deliciousness)   ©Laura Gable 2012
I'm also posting a page from my sketchbook that is a bit relevant. Today I added the dove, which holds a message of peace. I love the movement of birds wings, especially the white dove. The feathers are almost translucent--a sharp contrast to the softness of the sky. My little dove has a halo, as I felt he took on a saintly quality. "Dream a little dream, and Love to all."

I'm not especially sure why I fill up blank spots on sketchbook pages that are already in progress as with this apple study, and intensity scale that I painted a few months ago. Doesn't everyone have a multitude of sketchbooks, only to work in the one closest at hand when the creative impulse strikes ... or do they fill up one book and then go to the next? No matter how disciplined I try to be, I seem to be the more random artist.

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