Friday, January 13, 2012

Mulling over a book concept, sketches, and cards

The Book Artists Group that I am a part of is having a show at our local Allied Arts Gallery in March. I enjoy the concept of book making, though I am not a true book builder who focuses on the various bindings and such. I love the look of these books, but the process is a bit tedious for my level of focus. The books I create often have a painted element in them, and tend to be a bit more free form, and are often wall hangings. I have done a series of long linear pieces, that take off on the Japanese scroll concept with a visual depiction of Kuan Yin (the goddess of compassion). I'll post the finished book here in the next post.

I am planning a new series of books that address the concept of growing up in a family business. My family owned a motel for the duration of my childhood, moving there when I was age 5 in the middle of my kindergarten year. There has been a progression of events that occurred at the motel, and I suppose the chores that went along with it could be compared to growing up on a farm--a business as well. This story has many veins and will make a fine book series.

These ideas have been percolating for awhile and I have about 3 directions to take with this book idea. A dear artist friend suggested that I do a small mockup and so that is my next perceived step. In the meantime, I have busied myself with keeping the drawing hand fluid, and also a bit of painting and card-making. It seems my creative solutions come more freely when I am doing something ... rather than just trying to solve it all with my brain. I think that is called a "process-artist". Will post some images soon of these book ideas.

Sketch of the nook over my fireplace shown in the background.  ©Laura Gable 2012

Some of the assembled Valentine's cards
(thank you DS Watkins, for the creative concept)  ©Laura Gable 2012

A poinsettia card I did in December at the painting class at the Cancer Center.
©Laura Gable 2012

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