Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Book Art Project

She stands in a prayerful and compassionate way, holding a lotus flower and chanting "om mani padme hum." This is the beginning sketch for the book I am creating, the 4th in my series of Kuan Yin inspired long linear books that can be hung vertically. Besides doing the sketch, I have prepped the paper (10" wide x 60" tall) and started coloring the transferred sketch. I'm just having difficulty photographing it because it is so long ... and piecing it together in Photoshop is looking goofy. Will try again soon.

Not sure if the quote I wrote here will make it into the art, but am posting it so you can better read it:

"Meditate dawn and dusk.
When you see sunrise - it is beautiful.
When you see sunset - it is beautiful.
This is God working in the atmosphere
to increase the vibration
and calm the mind."
- Kuan Yin

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