Sunday, September 16, 2012

46 -- third panel of the triptych series, and reveal of the "whole"

46 right panel of the triptych series, 8x8 oil on panel, copyright Laura Gable
 The final panel of the triptych series is revealed. And so you start to gather that it may be more than what we perceive as a landscape.

44-46 "The Face of Eternity" 8x8 oil on panel, copyright Laura Gable
The three part series shown together here. A stylized landscape and it's horizon line shows the separation we perceive between heaven and earth. The face partially obscured, is perhaps a glimpse of our loved one or God or his angels. Feathers from the wing created by these "landscapes" float around the face and so the furrows in the soil make up this feathered mass. An intuitive painting done without a great deal of thought, instead letting the brush guide the movements and concept. Perhaps you see something a bit differently.

"Each life a traveler, not yet really arrived."
-David Whyte

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