Thursday, September 20, 2012

50 Batter Bowl and Figs

50 "Batter Bowl and Figs" 8x8 oil on panel, copyright Laura Gable
My dear artist-neighbor-friend dropped in today, bearing a gift of a bowl of these beautiful figs ... in various shapes and nuances of color, some sliced open. What fun I had adding them to a still life I was setting up. Isn't artist, DS Watkins a real sweetie. And quite talented as well.

My most recent treasure is this beautiful dark aqua batter bowl that I found in the local Roxy Theatre antique shop down the street. It was from an orchardist's estate sale in Yakima, and in pristine condition. The sides have concentric half moon shapes, which I didn't identify here.... but look for them in more paintings to come. I thought the painting came together nicely, and even had an audience as my artist-neighbor-friend decided to watch the painting process for awhile. It's funny when painting in front of someone, I'm compelled to talk ... though I don't think I really draw conclusions or end stories, just bits of flax and errant thoughts that come tumbling out while the brush and hand move the paint about. But it's a good idea to get into the practice of doing this, as we can all learn so much from watching demos!

And I'm quite excited to complete my first 50 paintings. A bit astonishing, I must say. I'm proud of myself. Time to order some more paint!! Now, my challenge is directing me to do the same thing over the next 50 days. No time to rest on laurels, eh? Can I hang in there?? Only time will tell ... so stay tuned.

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